September 13, 2006

A, Abstinence, abecedarius cycle, by Dan Waber

Another bloody cannibal died eating flesh.
God, how it jerks knees.
Like men never ogle plump quavering rumps.
So tasty!
Ugly vulgar writer, X-amine Your Zipper.

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September 14, 2006

B, Birthright, abecedarius cycle, by Dan Waber

Before coming downstairs, empty father's garbage.
His insistent jabberings knife like mother's nagging.
Our parents, quite religiously, spend time upstairs,
Valium wasted, Xanax yawning, zoned alive.

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September 15, 2006

C, Comic, abecedarius cycle, by Dan Waber

Captain Danny escapes from Gargantua's hold.
Inside jab knocks lizard-breath, my nemesis, out.
Presidents, Queens, reporters story triumphantly:
Unbelievably valiant warrior, X-Danny!,
yesterday zapped another beast.

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September 16, 2006

D, Dispatch, abecedarius cycle, by Dan Waber

Don't ever feed goldfish habaneros.
If jelly-dipping kittens, leave my name out.
Please quit romanticizing silly, trashy, useless verse.
Warning: X-Rated yearnings zoom around by computer.

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September 17, 2006

E, Eros, abecedarius cycle, by Dan Waber

Earlobe fingertipped
guessingly. Hips
insway. Jugular
kneadingly lipped.
Mouth noiselessly
opens. Pulse
quiverously rushes.
Slickery tongues
untangle. Verbalicious
whispers xo-xo-xo.
Yessed zygomatic
arch. Blush
characteristically deepens.

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September 18, 2006

F, Flesh, abecedarius cycle, by Dan Waber

Fat guys have it jacked, kiddo.
Lean men never order pie.
Quintessentially ridiculous!
Swear the ubermensch vow,
wear XXXL yourself:
Zuppa! Abbondonza! Buffet!
Cafeteria, drive-through....EAT!

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September 19, 2006

G, Glare, abecedarius cycle, by Dan Waber

“Go home,” I jeered.
Kids like me nibble on
purification questions; rhetoric's
simple truths.

Uniformed, violent,
white, xenophobic, young zeros
alone behind cold, dead eyes,

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September 20, 2006

H, Heaven-scent, abecedarius cycle, by Dan Waber

Hippopotamuses, I just know,
love my new odour: Parfum Quagmire?
Really stinky...the uakari vomited!

Well, Xavier, your
Zoo Aroma bath chips
did everything for Givenchy.

Posted by dwaber at 12:30 PM

September 21, 2006

I, Id, abecedarius cycle, by Dan Waber

I juggle knives,
love macadamia nuts,
order pizza quickly,
require some tenderness,
understand voice waverings,
xerox yellowed zinnia,
and believe children
don't ever forget
generous hearts.

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September 22, 2006

J, Jargon, abecedarius cycle, by Dan Waber


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September 23, 2006

K, King-Size, abecedarius cycle, by Dan Waber

Kitty licked milk noisily,
obliviously pleased,
queried, "Rowl?"
Shiftily, that unimpressed
visage's whiskered X yawned.

Zowie! Asia's big cats
didn't exhaust feline grace--
hers is jawsome.

Posted by dwaber at 12:08 PM

September 24, 2006

L, Lampoon, abecedarius cycle, by Dan Waber

Love my neighbor? Oh please.
Quotably rude, sure, though
ultimately vapid.
Waving x-actos, yelling,
"'zactly," "a'ight," "beeyatch,"
concatenating disses egregiously,
flinging gutterals
into Justice's knee.

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September 25, 2006

M, Moniker, abecedarius cycle, by Dan Waber

My name:
opens palaces,
quells riots,
tackles unsuspecting vandals,
writes Xanadu,
yields zygotes,
activates bold claims,
dodges eyes flirtingly,
goads hubristic intentions,
jimmies kismet's locks.

Posted by dwaber at 01:05 PM

September 26, 2006

N, Negotiation, abecedarius cycle, by Dan Waber

Noting O's petulance,
Q rearranges seats theatrically:

"U, verge W,
X, you're Z,
and B, come dear, emulate F.
G has I's job,
K, learn M.

Now, O...prettiness,
quickly, replace S.
T unseat V,
where's X? Yes, Z.
A becomes C...done!
Everybody finished?
Good. Haha! I've just
knotted language

Posted by dwaber at 11:51 AM

September 27, 2006

O, Overheard, abecedarius cycle, by Dan Waber

Our patient's queasy.
Right, scalpel.
That's unnecessary.
Anesthetic? Bludgeon.
Drinking Everclear?
Fix God's hacked-up idiot job.
Liver moved?

Posted by dwaber at 01:20 PM

September 28, 2006

P, Pass/Fail, abecedarius cycle, by Dan Waber

Pop Quiz! Ready?

Sunday's tolerants?

Vile wife?

Youngsters' zweiback/arrowroot?

Coal dark?

Feels good?

Is just kidding?

Munches nocturnally?

Posted by dwaber at 12:15 PM

September 29, 2006

Q, Quota, abecedarius series, by Dan Waber

Quasars ripple silently,
Tuesday's universe vectors
Wednesday's X-axis, Y-axis
zero-sum alpharithmebetical
bankruptcy. Chromosomal dramas
ensure Friday's godhead.
Hacked into jagged kinetic lines,
Monday needs one point.

Posted by dwaber at 12:07 PM

September 30, 2006

R, Recast, abecedarius series, by Dan Waber

Rummage Sale Today!
Unbelievable Values!
Weedwhacker, X-Box, Yo-yo,
Zeppelin albums, baby crib,
Dale Earnhardt's father's
gardener's husband's interpreter's
Japanese kimono loving mother's
nephew's own personal quartz.

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October 01, 2006

S, Superpower, abecedarius series, by Dan Waber

Save the universe. Villians, woo.
X-men, yay. Zap another boring criminal.
Doot-to-do. Evil's finished.
Go heroes. It's just kryptonite.
La-de-da. Mighty Nabob's on patrol,
quit reading.

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October 02, 2006

T, Testing, abecedarius series, by Dan Waber

Tiberius! Ulysses, Valentino, Woodrow, Xerxes!
Yanni? Zeus! Alexander, Balthazar, Caesar...
D'Artagnan. Emerson. Forbes. George. Herodotus!
Isaiah. Junior! Kermit. Laertes. Moses...
Nebuchadnezzar! Odin! Placido? Quincy, Romeo!!

Posted by dwaber at 11:46 AM

October 03, 2006

U, Universal, abecedarius series, by Dan Waber

Universal's vision was: X-Generation
Y-Chromosone zaniness, all bubbly,
coming down Everest, feel goody,
handsome, intelligent jocks
knowing life's majesty.

Not: old pathetic Quixote rides
some tractor.

Posted by dwaber at 01:29 PM

October 04, 2006

V, Vagary (for Tod), abecedarius series, by Dan Waber

Vax, Whois, xterm, y-modem,
zshell, ASCII, bash, CGI,
DHCP, Ethernet, FTP, GZIP,
hexadecimal, IRC, Java, kernel,
PCMCIA, qwerty, RSA, TCP/IP,

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October 05, 2006

W, Wash-N-Wax

White Xterra,
yellow Z28,
azure BMW,
cream Daihatsu
ecru Fiat
gray Honda
indigo Jeep
kelly Lexus...
mine's next!
Orange pogostick:
quirky, rebellious,
sexy. The
ultimate vehicle.

Posted by dwaber at 12:42 PM

October 06, 2006

X, Examination, abecedarius cycle, by Dan Waber

X-gaming's young zealots
are behind corporate doors.

Escaping from gravity
has its jazz.

Knowing limits means
never overstating profits.

Quarterly reports suggest
these unconventional victories

Posted by dwaber at 12:44 PM

October 07, 2006

Y, Yawp, abecedarius cycle, by Dan Waber

You're zincky
and beyond congested,

drugged, exhausted,
frowsy, getting hotter.

It's July.

Kitties lounge medicinally
near, old patchwork quilts

Sleep, tucked
under vowels written

Posted by dwaber at 12:27 PM

October 08, 2006

Z, Zealot, abecedarius cycle, by Dan Waber

Zukofsky's "A" bifurcates criticism.
Derisive epistles, fawning glosses,
hateful invectives, jubilant kudos.

Louis made noise, outré panoplies
quantizing reiterational
syllabary that unearthed
voice words xylophonically.


Posted by dwaber at 12:53 PM