March 28, 2006

r, fingerpainted series, by Dan Waber


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April 24, 2006

r, Historietas Alfabeticas, by John M. Bennett


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May 20, 2006

R (Are), Analphabet, by Geof Huth


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June 15, 2006

r, Rune 2 / 26 Voices / January Interlude, by Karl Kempton


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July 11, 2006

r, Negative Alphabet Alphabet, by Nico Vassilakis


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August 06, 2006

R, Characters, by Karri Kokko


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September 01, 2006

r (to remember/memory), @phabet, by Donato Mancini, from Ligatures


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September 30, 2006

R, Recast, abecedarius series, by Dan Waber

Rummage Sale Today!
Unbelievable Values!
Weedwhacker, X-Box, Yo-yo,
Zeppelin albums, baby crib,
Dale Earnhardt's father's
gardener's husband's interpreter's
Japanese kimono loving mother's
nephew's own personal quartz.

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October 26, 2006

r, Synaesthesian Alphabet, by Amanda Earl


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November 21, 2006

r, RTM RPM, by Bob Marcacci, from alphabliss or non-nursery rhymes

RTM RPM (17k .pdf)

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December 18, 2006

r, a seizure between R and S, alphabits by nick-e melville


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January 13, 2007

r, Geodetic Alphabet, by J. Michael Mollohan


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February 08, 2007

r, fingerpainted series, by Dan Waber


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March 06, 2007

r, Anaclastic alphabet, by Amira Hanafi


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April 01, 2007

R, Pietist Compositions, by Marko Niemi

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April 27, 2007

r, acrylabet, by Dan Waber


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May 23, 2007

r, Evolution Alphabet, by Jennifer Hill-Kaucher


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June 18, 2007

r, Rune 18: Rose Windows for the Cathedral of the Chewed, Scarred and Discarded, by Karl Kempton

R, a 613kb Shockwave Flash file (Need Flash?)

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July 14, 2007

r, Robert, from Boys A-Z, by Dan Waber (kite tail press, 2006)


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October 07, 2007

r, Six Word Series, for Tom Beckett, by Crag Hill

Reply to sender, nothing to say.

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