April 05, 2006

z, fingerpainted series, by Dan Waber


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May 02, 2006

z, Historietas Alfabeticas, by John M. Bennett


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May 28, 2006

Z (Zee), Analphabet, by Geof Huth


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June 23, 2006

z, Rune 2 / 26 Voices / January Interlude, by Karl Kempton


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July 19, 2006

z, Negative Alphabet Alphabet, by Nico Vassilakis


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August 14, 2006

Z, Characters, by Karri Kokko


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September 09, 2006

z (zoo), @phabet, by Donato Mancini, from Ligatures


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October 08, 2006

Z, Zealot, abecedarius cycle, by Dan Waber

Zukofsky's "A" bifurcates criticism.
Derisive epistles, fawning glosses,
hateful invectives, jubilant kudos.

Louis made noise, outré panoplies
quantizing reiterational
syllabary that unearthed
voice words xylophonically.


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November 03, 2006

z, Synaesthesian Alphabet, by Amanda Earl


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November 29, 2006

z, Z residue & noise zenith, by Bob Marcacci, from alphabliss or non-nursery rhymes

Z residue & noise zenith (18k .pdf)

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December 26, 2006

z, from Z back to A, alphabits by nick-e melville


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January 21, 2007

z, Geodetic Alphabet, by J. Michael Mollohan


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February 16, 2007

z, Rune 10, Rose Window, by Karl Kempton (Runaway Spoon Press 1999)


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March 14, 2007

z, Anaclastic alphabet, by Amira Hanafi


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April 09, 2007

Z, Pietist Compositions, by Marko Niemi

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May 05, 2007

z, acrylabet, by Dan Waber


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May 31, 2007

z, Evolution Alphabet, by Jennifer Hill-Kaucher


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June 26, 2007

z, Rune 18: Rose Windows for the Cathedral of the Chewed, Scarred and Discarded, by Karl Kempton

Z, a 718kb Shockwave Flash file (Need Flash?)

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July 22, 2007

z, Zack, from Boys A-Z, by Dan Waber (kite tail press, 2006)


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October 15, 2007

z, Six Word Series, for Tom Beckett, by Crag Hill

She never got over the zoo.

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