January 10, 2007

Language Is A Game With Two Players

Stuck 100’ up in the air on the connector between the E-1 and the A-20

Gridlock in all directions

A kid on the radio sings “It ain’t the end of the world but you can see it from here”

My second perfect moment of the day

And the sun’s still only an inch above the eastern horizon

“OK ok,” says Uomo Bhob, “The first?”

“A revelation”

“Language is a game with two players: an I and a Thou”

“You would think that,” says Bhob, “you’re a translator”

“You know why I play?” asks Borul

He stares into whatever people stare into when they stare that way

“So you and I and all of us are a little less lonely”

And then he grins

“It’s the most live feeling I know”

Bhob says, “This is one hell of a tape job if I say so myself”

He’s busy wrapping packages of Captions II

“You’re still the king of the shipping clerks,” I say

He pumps like Mr Universe and says, “I know”

These are my friends

These are people I care about

—John Bloomberg Rissman

Posted by dwaber at January 10, 2007 01:28 PM