January 15, 2007





there is something inexorable under the surface

a word iíve never used






poetry the last language before death




of the two schools

writing what i donít know interests me most




somewhere between looking and seeing

it only appears iím not paying attention


the punishment is severe




do you still think memory

has anything to do with thinking




what else in this transparent beauty


at which moment




the distance between reading and visualizing





you already know not to open your eyes




all this talk of memory

we were both there

yet your telling and my telling




that quizzical look

takes me under language




that lost look never more found




between what i remember

and what iíve imagined




all the way from death to show me




at the brink recognizable




i donít believe in a poetry written from a singular mind


neither do I




the odds favor sea salt

blood breaking in on the blood





óCraig Czury


from IN MY SILENCE TO JUSTIFY, FootHills Publishing, 2003



Posted by dwaber at January 15, 2007 01:30 PM