January 22, 2007

Third Crush

After David Mamet


One day I met a woman with eyes like a Townes Van Zandt song


She told me I looked like Jesus, or perhaps Adam

We got along like dykes and dogs, but


I knew it wouldn’t last

so I decided to love her leave her           and spend the rest of my life writing poems

about how much I missed her

That way, I could enjoy the pain of losing her and not have to listen to her voice


I was proud of my plan and I decided to tell my mother about it


But my mother didn’t like my plan


In fact, she got very angry


She told me that it wasn’t right to love someone when you knew you were going to leave them


I asked her if she felt that way about it why did she kick me out of the house when I was only thirty-eight?


But mother wouldn’t listen to reason


She was so upset that she called the beautiful woman

and told her what I was planning


But the beautiful woman didn’t believe her


So I loved the woman and left her

and then I sat down and wrote this poem


I hope you like it

I hope the beautiful woman reads it

I hope it makes her happy


—Jonathan Penton


Posted by dwaber at January 22, 2007 01:13 PM