January 31, 2007




ďA madman doesnít need success. All he needs is a good hospital.Ē

Mohammed Mrabet



Experiment is an accident

no matter how carefully planned.

Canít you see

Iím walking

between abstraction and magic

Because thatís who I am


The buffalo of the Great Plains

ghosting skittish herds

on Champs dí…lysťes

under deconstruction. Supervised

by The New Pound Projective


and The Magicians of Jazz Street


Medicines & Mirrors

Weight gain & Hair-loss

Wallpaper of Hollywood Muse

Switching between Calvinist

projection and a drunken buffet

Call the doctor

or print your own magazine

Distribution is academic.




óMichael Rothenberg


Previously published in Small Town


Posted by dwaber at January 31, 2007 05:45 PM