February 23, 2007


Summer at the “New Globe Theatre”



Physical rough up              language

man-handled        [sublimity

on tire treads                       [rubber throne

wire cages worn on the head

while jets rumble fuck-all in real-time

above & beyond the S,h,a,k,e,s

this morning


air-conditioned (of course)




barefoot inna cloud o’ red dust

the Thames from here’za,  za..

(echo o’ (s)trumpets).


a clot o’ ill-kempt groundlings welts drawn? daggerz?

hair by the pulled-out roots preserved

piss & shit cultural [ass/etc.

semblance o’ suckling




carv’d up for c,o,r,p,o,r,a,t,e,z,p,o,n,z,o,r,s


rot-tooth Ur-Hamlet

the nine reeking holes of the body

maggot on a treadmill

hornet lashed to plough


—Jesse Glass


Posted by dwaber at February 23, 2007 01:28 PM