February 27, 2007

4th Confession

4th Confession


“Do not let my soul be bound to words

by the glue of love through the body’s senses.”

—St. Augustine


this chair, window, tree

data transmuted into the moment

of a poem, dative

the pairing of sense to soul

bound by words, a process

sticky as the glue of love


unbridled beneath a dome of stars

Orion’s broad shoulders, jewelled sword

brilliant, potent in Artemis’ absence


chastity pins virility to

the wall of night

beguiling in her tucked-up gown

moon goddess rails fury in a quiver

of arrows, blows monsoons

through the body’s senses.



—Mari-Lou Rowley


from Interference with the Hydrangea published by Thistledown Press, 2003


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