March 04, 2007

The Pursuit of Poetry


Once you have become a drug addict

you will never want to be anything else



It's late afternoon. It's always late afternoon.

Take what you will want. Walk out the door.

Walk towards the setting sun. Of course it means

turning away from the people you are leaving

with cold eyes, unamenable cold eyes.

Never say goodbye.


Now you have walked out of the house where everything

means too much. Now you are walking up the street until

you don't know where you are. Abandon what you thought

you wanted to take. You are becoming unclean forgetting

the passwords walking like dancing talking without meaning

back under the moon you never thought you'd see again speaking


in a voice you haven't heard in a long while

guessing lamp post guessing moon something

jerks twitches flutters something falls down -

there is the next front door right there.

It's very important to walk towards the setting sun.

And to never tell where you have been. What you have done.


—Jennifer Compton


from Blue published by Ginninderra Press (2000)


Posted by dwaber at March 4, 2007 01:27 PM