March 21, 2007

Poetry is Your Friend

Itís undeniably true, life
weathers you. Thereís no doubt
about that. Gardens crammed
with slightly creepy little elves,
a van parked on a deserted lane,
the sky almost purple when you look out.

Thatís when you turn to poetry.
You may not know it of course,
but thatís what youíll be doing.
Youíre doing it right now, superficially
despite yourself, riding this wave
of energy out of nowhere. It feels good,

doesnít it? Like a high-sugar drink
or that special moment, you know
the one. Itís here to help
even if it sometimes forgets,
gets all wrapped up
in counting syllables and such.

It wants you like a tyrant or the sun.

—C. J. Allen
from A Strange Arrangement: New and Selected Poems (Leafe Press, 2007)

Posted by dwaber at March 21, 2007 12:43 PM