April 04, 2007

Referencing Vast Leakage or temporary extrusion

Roland Barthes, interior@speech.noise

The opposition spread under the protection of power. There are
those that no conscious illusion is perpetrated. An entire orality
which produces a drift of bliss & fear. Fetish objects on the
other hand leaves expression to the pheno-text. As a creature
of language which permeates him very quietly the subject
returns were we fond of neologisms. This text bores me like a
spider dissolving. The text you write must prove the sentence is
hierarchical. Similarly, it is not only establishing the opposition of
the way two girls must be politicized. Where is this elsewhere?
Nine times out of ten societies object to undifferentiated eye &
noteworthy Desire. Do not deign to be the persistence of the
thing. Neurosis are the means of ungratiated sucking, a glimpse
of scandalous truth, still far too much heroism to identify
accurately language’s image. We are scientific clandestine sites.
This is to want a text which seizes the subject the way the
reversal of origins could not be written. And when something
remains a potlatch under respectable appearances, this is how I
have my best ideas.

The text is (should be) that uninhibited person,
non-site): anachronic subject, adrift
At least some examples?
of an epoch, of a character?
word for word?
denote a class notion?
another edge, mobile, bleak?
the institutions of text?
but the opposite?
doesn’t every narrative lead to Oedipus?
an anagram of the body?
my reader’s pleasure?
the sentence is a body?
all this verbal display?
the very materiality of that once existed?
how can we read criticism?
boredom of all narratives?

Roland Barthes, grief@ruthless.sexuality

the more ravaging term
then perhaps the subject
concerned with destruction
grasps at every point
but quickly exposes itself
we are all caught up in the truth
the leisure of bygone readings
where we can hear the grain of the throat
whenever I attempt
without ever introducing anything
the very utterance
the other reading skips nothing
psychoanalysis must be traversed
but it is doubtless
violence must be coded
if it were possible to imagine
we have either the course
outside bliss but not necessarily
deplored except
like a bird who understand nothing
only in total atopia


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