June 11, 2007


Books donít show the way but insist on remaining. So how to leave the book and enter directly into the body ? We are jealous of one anotherís bodies yet we each have one. I would undress my tongue and dip it willingly into ice cold water would invite you to meet me where the body becomes transparent where lucidity is a function of the flesh where nothing is for sale and everything is given away. I would invent rude words for your mouth show you the true colour of blood. Love in the raw is life renewed. But of this write nothing down not a thing. Be wary of the heat that emanates from the unwritten page. Everything remains to be said so long as we have said nothing. Most importantly do not fear dirtying yourself. Love washes the body clean of perfection.

—Nathalie Stephens
from Je NathanaŽl, Toronto, BookThug, 2006
(also exists in French as Je NathanaŽl, Montrťal, LíHexagone, 2003)

Posted by dwaber at June 11, 2007 02:46 PM