July 26, 2007

Ars poetica

A spree of poets brings lustful joy
jets roses on the coastal approach
from Creole land to highest peaks
from papaya’s golden warmth
to alpaca’s dream
or distant relics through windy fifes
“sacred urns” to visions of more human souls

jot down notes
on a white screen
inside scream
the burning fire
of dual lives, the Tao:
the black and the white
from the pit to a ray
from the Plutonic mine
to the careful lip
pleas in the court
to escape apes (sorry my apes read through the lines)
kind elves to appease thirst
floating on the sea of lies
like a freezing floe
the small isle of Ars Poetica
the one of Ars
the soil of Ithaca
in the eyes of a father
a suffering mother

and type and joke
like a cheerful foal
play the apocalypse
when on the threshold it destroys
pray the saints
as if they were

Saint Thomas Merton
Saint Ezra Pound
Saint Frederick Nietzsche
Saint Charles Baudelaire
Saint Arthur Rimbaud
Saint Jorge Luis Borges
Saint Jack Kerouac
Saint Dan Waber
Saint Jeff Harrison
Saint Chris Murray
Saint James Finnegan
Saint Tad Richards
Saint Bill Lavender
Saint Joel Weishaus
Saint Tom Beckett
Saint Jean Okir
Saint Adam Fieled
Saint Michael Rothenberg
Saint Mike Peverett
Saint Joseph Duemer
Saint Karl Young
Saint Mary de Rachewiltz
Saint Paolo Ruffilli
Saint Eileen Tabios
Saint Nives Simonetti
Saint …

Saint Atop
Saint teasers
Saint potato eaters
Saint flowers
Saint peseta
Saint spies
Saint toys
Saint Niece
Saint root, fir, jet, riff, rye, yes, five and six, paper, air, poesy, toffee, pet, jar, palace, ore, year, leaf, offer, frost, role, loser, jasper, obsidian, seal, piffle, foray, pier, jester, self, lore, polar bears, opals, lap, portals, twelve, salty oars, trees, life, portraits, flipping pole, people


—Anny Ballardini

Posted by dwaber at July 26, 2007 02:43 PM