August 26, 2007


What does death matter if the energy continues to flow

Figure with decorated amphora as brain the permeating water

Appears to be bottomless knowing which is impossible

Masks have animals widening cavities without reason to

Someone killing someone awakens beside themselves, scattered particles

Images in drowning victims the seen we've greatly magnified

Many speak the shapes submerged and feral choreography

Self or tile forgets slack tide the whole idea subsumed

Dancing nudes pronged with dildo goving over memory hills

Markets weird affairs joining slaves touch masters yawning

Are these idyllic erasures the opposite surface polished our ears

Misses near language's a lattice of texture by ripened

May be traced to a film which develops appearances

Alive longing parasitic inhabited known but seen never

Imagined a bull's-eye blazoned on noise from Big Bang

Crackings vast the given is whosoever changes resemblings crossing

Having only a feather's weight the axiom is silence's tool

Soul the god's itself reveals number a division cell during

Matter is peripherally a centrifugal essence the rushing voice

Sleep core becomes everyone filling timing the inevitable is space

                     (lines to be read alternately left-to-right then right-to-left...
                                 or traditionally)

—W. B. Keckler

Posted by dwaber at August 26, 2007 01:17 PM