September 09, 2007


      Palatial hunger, poor dear and heartís love--alas--
when January lacerates the soul, to what
will you resort? Anotherís room? And dreams
of Azores, after? Who will hear your riddles--
endless--out?--the desolating nights--snow after snow?
. . . As for our acrobatics, scarce to be believed . . .
      Take these apparitions
and your temporary laughter--or pour champagne at a vulgar rate . . .
      Itís enough I am in your arms, brief welcomed guest,
breasts bared to endless promises, perfumes.

—Jane Satterfield

Mercenary Muse is a homophonic translation of Baudelaireís ďLa Muse Venale.Ē

from Assignation at Vanishing Point (Elixir Press, 2003).
first appeared in Elixir.

Posted by dwaber at September 9, 2007 04:00 PM