October 18, 2007


comes someoneís music


comes the unturned page comes the name comes the footstep


W.S. Merwin....


comes wild

   the word-

                 who knows who

                           blew it in-

                                                says it is


                                                            oarsí creak

                                                            gullsí cry

                                                                                    at sunís set-


comes a pulse

            knows it is someoneís





                                    handclap of gypsies

                                    footstamp of bharat-

                                                               natyam dancer


comes a certain music

            does not remember

                                                its name

                                                whose famous old song

                                                                             has broken

                                                                                    and entered

                                                                                                this house?


                                                                snatch of Sappho?

                                                                murmur of psalmist?

                                                                laughter of Miribaiís lord?


comes the old story-

                        night ripper-

                        the one about

                                                going down


                                                            to visit her sister

                                                                              veil torn

                                                                              meat hook                                                                                                                              deathís eye-



comes long



                                    she says-

                                                can be language-


                                                            thereís a music

                                                            even down here


                                                                        spirit moves

                                                                        shades chant

                                                                        in her dream

                                                                        someone is singing




—Naomi Lowinsky

Posted by dwaber at October 18, 2007 09:04 PM