November 16, 2007

New Hazards

25/04/2005 14:33

The Blackbird;
Within whose territory I garden,
Has a brown wife and daughter.
His son, long gone, was driven out again
When testosterone rose, regular as sap, this SpringÖ
A tiny fly circumnavigates my spectacles
And, attracted by my sparkling teardrops,
Drowns itself in my eye,
Leaving me itís pain & residue.
Fucking nature! Who needs it?
End of poem

Taking a break from filing books
Out of poets into the computer
To tea and an hourís deep thought
About the books I read
And the books V.B. reads
And how healthy it is to have an obsession
(Unless itís picking scabs.)
Rock & Roll, Egil & Njall
Sharing a cloud with Rory
Books that glow in the dark stone
Illuminated instruction.
The courageous spirit of the imagination
Game - set and disposable lighter
One manís obscure is also his reality.
Shit! I let my tea go cold
Back to the scree

25/04/2005 16:12

—Rod Summers

Posted by dwaber at November 16, 2007 02:20 PM