December 05, 2007


I hate that ghost, that asshole who pricks me when I am minding my own business. WHICH I AM. Fuck off ghost, but it doesnít fuck off, it pricks and pinches me though it has no pincers or prickers. How does it do it, it just does. I like to be alone but the ghost wonít leave me alone even if for a time I think I am alone. ENJOYING MY SOLITUDE. I think I am in love with my solitude. The ghost ruins everything. Maybe I should kick the ghost where it counts. Where does it count on a ghost? Nowhere counts on a ghost. Nowhere could be anywhere on a ghost. You just donít know.

—Melissa Weinstein
a version of this poem appeared in Exquisite Corpse.

Posted by dwaber at December 5, 2007 03:25 PM