January 26, 2008


The idea is to throw out a net of words
to catch the poem

a net such as Vulcan makes
at the ocean's depths
in a fiery cave
                           a net of fire in water
                           forged by one
                           cast out
                                          cuckold of Venus
                                          lame joke of the gods

whose hairy blacksmith hands
can make a net such as Neptune wields
to hold the waves

                               a net of words
                               arching back on itself
                               to contain the exploded universe

a net of light cast into a galactic sea
of dancing stars

              a choreography of answers
              in a dark chamber
              where the soul
              is revealed

as a net of questions
in a net of breath

—Paul Pines

Posted by dwaber at January 26, 2008 01:30 PM