March 17, 2008

>>>>x>>>>>>>x the future x <<<<<<x<<<<



               MOTHS WALKING ALONG


After a million years, you drew a breath


Paused till it seemed more accurate

Not to


The skin between a day and a day is

Moths walking along


A pointy lurch when it works >>>> to keep

Wednesday from forever


In the same manner, the literal

Fits through any place if you turn it sideways

As they fit a cross through slatted doors


(A cross is a kiss turned sideways)


Others work in the garden

Spraying surrounding squash blossoms

Whole panamas of water


Not to be lost in the blend

Or consolidate the rose


That dread or delight


Some mixture once assured you




                         San Juan Bautista Mission, 1797



—Brenda Hillman


from Cascadia, Wesleyan Univ. Press 2001

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