March 31, 2008


                        equinox of withins
                              absconded and
held as thought, delineated
               crossed out, brought back to the surface with the energetic
              gasp of a buoy
             in the iridescence of
                                what is entire-like scales

                                                        on the saline nothingness
things, chiming away, mistaken for the sounds of nature: dare you- instruct
chronology, old
that is your chest, the city built upon it, say something
              lung machine
anything that will fizzle this empire
                                                                   the nonsensical wood and brick

       the mortar that divides like paper, petals torn from the orchid-rings
                   from the dead
                                      do something,  history, old tree, fast axis
                                                                          where you hang your head

—Sandra Simonds

Posted by dwaber at March 31, 2008 01:43 PM