May 08, 2008

Entry on the Line

'A sidewalk is a narrow location in history, and no bright remarks can hold back the dark'
Rosemarie Waldrop, Inserting the Mirror, section 5

one foot forward
            opens the line's
      clear questions
about action
            about care
      a line is a narrow place
in history
            but an action
      that makes up history
            at the end
      of the line
the line looks
            back at us
      with time
with care
            the time spent
      in its care
            or the sexy fearful
      dream of crisis
narrows our locations
            makes no word
      seem bright enough
but here is the line
            stuck into space
                  drawing the light to it

—David Kennedy

Posted by dwaber at May 8, 2008 12:46 PM