June 04, 2008

I Haven't Even Told You Who I Am

I work in the back room, planting igloos.
I came to this occupation with no set purpose.
I heard they were hiring and applied, dreaming "adventures on ice."
I believe I wooed the boss with my tall tales and heroic looks.

Most mornings I drink coffee and rest easy.
Most begin without deliberate end.
Most remain inside as I go out.
Most would cite obscure texts and leave it at that.

As if I wasn't aware, alive in all this wet heat.
As if igloos.
As if in old photos the halls of my youth.
As if ever.

Here's the thing: this isn't going anywhere.
Here's the thing, quote,
"Here's the thing. Believe in what's said or don't. It won't change anything."
Here's the thing: I no longer believe in this particular thing.

—Patrick James Dunagan

Posted by dwaber at June 4, 2008 01:58 PM