July 10, 2008

Things to make and do

Waver on stilts while listening to arias.

Sew your own rose and ask of its questions.

Steal flotsam like wanton flies.

Ruin lyrics, while above the egrets lift.

Paste green language around a cork room.

Refuse to ‘nail it’. Just refuse.

Keep rearranging what is footnote and what is space.

Walk out one day in presences.

Release the necessary angels from their curators.

Make friends with adverbs, unwisely.

Take night’s immediate nerve with possibility.

Speculate outside with the big southerly.

Pass as you go into.

Sleep all around at blue windows.

Burn down the villa, change all the doors.

Stand so shadows make you perfect.

Love your dumb corpus, of song.

—Jill Jones

Posted by dwaber at July 10, 2008 01:34 PM