July 24, 2008


you are not your mind you are not your mind you are not

                the poem is
                not your body

is language an ocean we live            coming to
                                     forms           proof
                                               she was coming to

blank space where the body could be blank space

                        curve           ink

                        wet     wide    open

thought lands wild      (grief is simple and dark)

                          to turn

turn into the one you want or each next enter the split

                mount an enormous
                with fictions
rushing past

     will you be close


               utterly solitude

                        maple, moss

my plot is marvelous this fine gauze

         conceals        practices

hard careful digging hard careful digging hard

          cold part

          would imagine

                    life like

—H.T. Harrison
from Resurrection Papers (Chax Press, 2003) by Heather Thomas

Posted by dwaber at July 24, 2008 01:28 PM