August 12, 2008


Poetry is the mysterious associate
     I introduce to a few
     friends and acquaintances.

Poetry wears an ascot to hide
     the throat hole, the source of the song
     since the operation.

Poetry is the enigmatic emissary,
     always difficult,
     always elusive.

Poetry is my comforter,
     wrapping a motley mantle
     about my swiveling ears.

Poetry is my lover —
     mine      only —
     though nothing is ever declared.

Poetry is my silent advisor,
pointing with trembling excitement
     to the flowering moon,
     to the green streaks in old granite.

Poetry is my inscrutable opponent
     putting tigers in my path,
     disturbing my earthly devotions.

Poetry is a courier of insight
     the journey often oblique,
     the message artful in its simplicity.

Poetry delivers its truth
     just as the oracle does,
     long after I have passed by.

—Maggie Morley

Posted by dwaber at August 12, 2008 02:23 PM