November 12, 2008


I met
the histrionic
gulf like
spelled out verse - I dived in both
so swimmingly -

empty pain pointed in - you'll
suck the bark chipmunk - cheeked
millenniums of beauty in most -
carbon calibration - carbon figures
dance titanium tip tones - atomic

type cast - I'll say -

Stanislavski was so right about such an array of things
and I lie on potent metaphors like, your dreams.

it's busy in there - bused out to Dodge
City Kansas - it was nice last night -

busted at your seams -
split pea soup -
syllables there - of

your sin elation - singularity
supposing - a single toe wasn't -
self sucked up - a nation's Sin.

sifting sandpapered heart rockets -
spelling drift tide logs off to the north -
of France - a gallop through night and all these -

lonely hearts - if you must oblige
then, yes, revolve

—Luc Simonic

Posted by dwaber at November 12, 2008 12:38 PM