December 12, 2008

Woman Leaves Poetry Seminar

          (for Kevin Brophy)

finished with the poetry thing
now I have to deal with
dirty nappies, screaming,
a husband who thinks poetry’s quaint

where is it all leading?

there it goes
through the traffic
leaving a trail of tail lights
smudging up the rain

there it is
carved up on a butcher’s tray
but not yet dead

& there it was
in the split of curtain
drawn down in Jesus’ last words

the poetry thing is over
the reading, the talking
now for the living
where the bloody poetry thing
keeps on appearing

leading to places
where words are used
to describe what words cannot

& I’m a fool that tries

—Paul Mitchell
originally appeared in fourW

Posted by dwaber at December 12, 2008 12:08 PM