February 06, 2009

Chain Poem

Important! Read carefully!
Do not disregard
this message—It is real.
When you receive this poem,
open your mind.
Write down seven thoughts
expressed as mental pictures.
(These thoughts can be on any subject:
politics and sorrow, love
and sorrow, life and sorrow…)
Do not discard this poem
or terrible things will happen:
Ideas will be abandoned unexpressed,
love will not be spoken,
a concrete image will dissolve in tears.
A man in Alabama received this poem:
within twenty-four hours of reading it,
his blindness had been lifted.
A woman in New Jersey got this poem:
within one week of reading it, she began
a journal which clarified her life.
You, too, can use this poem
to your good fortune. Here is how:
Express an idea concisely and beautifully
as you can. Write a title at the top of the page.
At the bottom, sign your name preceded by
a small, circled “c” and the date.
Read it aloud to five of your best-loved friends.
Wait for results to follow.

—Carol Clark Williams
previously appeared in Grandmother Earth Volume 12,
Encore 1998

Posted by dwaber at February 6, 2009 02:31 PM