March 03, 2009

The Address Hunt

For anyone interested in how a process like this plays out, about 15% of the people who originally submitted poems to this project have changed their email address since they submitted. This is why we saved the relationship map. After going up-chain (sometimes two times), we were able to obtain working email addresses for almost everyone. At this point in time, we believe everyone who submitted poems has had those poems appear on this website, and, has received an email from us announcing Phase One is complete and Phase Two is beginning, except for the following:

Richard Denner, whose address bounced as undeliverable, and whose upchain contact informed us that he's disappeared into a monk's life.


Rochelle Ratner who died on March 31st of 2008.

If you are or have current contact information for Richard Denner, please contact us as soon as possible, otherwise we will be forced to exclude those poems from consideration.

If you believe you have submitted poems to this project and you do not see those poems on this site, or, you did not receive an email from us in February of 2009, please contact us as soon as possible.

Posted by dwaber at 04:55 PM