October 17, 2008




'd with a  

                                      four hands


                      merged three




                              'd tumbling four

hands feel it



                     feet in the

and pull

                         net sub

with a speckled





submerged three

feet in

the sea and


with a speckled



hands feel it

tug and


—Joel Chace
Previously published in Veer

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October 16, 2008

no matter

is this right then       we put

all our ducks in a row       all

our ducks of the under-word       all made

of quarks       which are or are

not matter but certainly are not

meaning       though the ducks

mean       as we line

the ducks up they make

a surface       a surface of

water       surface and water that

are not do not matter but

do mean       the matter then

cannot mean       the meaning is

nothing       but we keep

on lining up the ducks       beneath

the surface of water

is depth the more ducks the more

depth       and dark       and

murk       all of which is no

matter       no matter       not matter       but is

dark murk and deep       story

layered upon story       stories without

matter but with meaning       how

is it possible to live like

this       to make stories that

mean       but are no matter

—Joel Chace
Previously published in Ducky

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October 15, 2008


the word to the cave

no part of the space that is not

the word       the cave after

all is the space       the word after all

others is all the space that

is the cave

—Joel Chace
Previously published in Ducky

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October 14, 2008


s   t   o   n   e   s

           when the letters are stones

                    dragged     placed       abandoned

s   n   o   w

        when the letters are snow

                       packed     curved     left

y   e   l   l   o   w     c   h   a   l   k

                when the letters are yellow chalk

                               up on the blackboard

g   r   e   e   n     g   r   a   s   s

                 when the letters are green grass

                                woven     placed in shade

b   a   t

        when it brushes arm-hair

                    in the cave's deepest black

g   a   s   h

        when the glass-slivers

                      bubble up from the trench of blood

—Joel Chace
Previously published in Joey & The Black Boots

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