June 10, 2008

GOD HAS NO MOUTH (for Lanny Quarles)

i am a baton, i never strike something
march when her swan speaks
god has no mouth

god is a sacred crowned dick and he arrests u
you speak like you're bald and you moderate me

stand like a chain letter, god never drips
unhappily among the seizure widgets

you speak of death and the bible-believers sweat

the swan is nourishment
the swan is a lowland scott

in the heart of his envy dumb things are thin with splendor

i am crowned, speak like you're something
a swan in a sarcastic hbo cult
the rest of the lawn is like that

the earth is a baton with some unique languages

the widgets scare me, some of them are bald in the rain

god is who then, she's a swan and speaks in a crowned slice
walking speaks of thee, hello kitty is a sarcastic penis poem
never drop off the gnome when your lawn is jogging whimsy

the swan is me, my voice sees her
you were french people speaking and thinking
he stops when her swan speaks

you're mean in her voice
the turf of the employees heart
u know it moderates me

today resigns, how you resign; its nourishing for you

oh dear, the anteater is a genius, he sees bald people

the men are chronic natural geniuses, a chain letter
in love-struck alchemical hbo hell

your blog is prejudiced, the tv has bird flu

the universe responds
you are yearning
you felt at least as cool
as the top anteater

speak like you're a poem
the swan is art

the blog was god's blog
the ants scare me

—Donna Kuhn

Posted by dwaber at 01:33 PM