October 16, 2007


A friend calls me whoís crying about a boyfriend
I canít say much to help because -
Because most of my time is quiet and I like flat land
Because I prefer pencils
Because I still donít have a microwave
Because all of my aunts were unmarried
Because I wear sheets like sarongs
Because Iím stooped
Because Iíve never been really poor or quick
Because Iíve never learned to order pizza out
Because I think tone of voice is important
And because wherever I go I always pack a vase

I canít give much advice because
Those kinds of relationships
Are mysteries to me
Like sugar dissolving or cars that backfire.

—Hiram Larew

Posted by dwaber at 01:39 PM

October 15, 2007


The very best books in the world are the ones
That put sun up your back
When you are up a tree ladder
The best are the ones most like crumbs from a sandwich
When youíre still hungry
The most important ideas to learn from
Go only half way no more
And they taste
For better or worse
Like mustard.

Itís better to read more and then less
Button then unbutton
In fact what becomes clear in time
Is that itís good to become wild in a way
That resembles a pigeonís coo
Because nothing we come to know or love
Holds smoke in
Or echoes.

The tallest school around here
Is when we realize
That thereís a chance out there
But canít touch it canít even come close
Thatís when we turn into something awkward
And start to believe that
The most wonderful place in the world is in lettuce
Thatís why more and more
We like everything upside down.

—Hiram Larew

Posted by dwaber at 09:37 AM