April 11, 2008

keeping it pure

words are not undermining my project /
a cool clear & well-thought-out treatise / but
it ails regardless is stricken with thought & lines:
tearing down hierarchies rolls like someone else’s
shard of the true cross / there seems oodles of definitions
(of key concepts) ghosting & going around & one might
choose with free-will / that much is easy / passé /
but then maybe one starry purpose & method
(unique to me) is worth writing & not
talking about / has the prestige of a colour
not invented yet / or a new car / glows like
jasper fforde’s shard of an original plot /
i teach it in no university course (yet) / praxis is well &
good / in the beginning (et cetera…) there was an ‘aha’ /
of course you liked johnny cash before the movie / &
there are bandwagon jumping (sporting team or otherwise)
supporters but / i can figure stuff out / good things like some
philosophy once plotted on a bar-coaster: there is a chance
anything is possible if only outside a poem /

i subjectively know what is important is possibly water
through a waterfall / the cycle means each h20 drop full of
quarks will come back & lament & find things terribly changed /
i write this all quark-like & i humbly try to embrace the fugacious
structure of some postcards / & everything / shklovsky
wrote of defamiliarisation & kinsella once typed
about periphrasis both of these things i like / so
my take (on things) is artful & numinous &
any being might care to imagine / the depth /
this signifies one clever english language
poetic / one kick-ass metaphysic too

—Derek Motion

Posted by dwaber at 04:40 PM