March 27, 2008

Weird Wind Inside Words

taking chances with sunlight
activity mostly songs
day & night yesterday
full of the meaning outside
will listen no longer
begin to pray is
wind a question
an ill heed
cars of oblivion
a world of smiling attentive luck
for a few seconds
nightmare beyond a single human face
barest sensation
i wish thusly for
such gratuity
vast purity blizzard of gaps

in those times when loud winds call
holy men come along a path of banality
more secret she waits
appetites more keen
to seize upon a radio
so she sent silence
not a thought
what it is
what it was
what questions these are
that inform charity
pay attention to dust
in silence & solitude
as a past wind learns to walk

in my secret life human
night has begun a world of poetry &
trance i sat &
bitter sang where two words tell
whirl & prance before sad
hence the exigency
bare breath message
everything is destroyed &
nothing flowers
into real life
a mist a light an image
rise when loud winds call
soft whispering did say be good to me
a world effaced with an excess of words

the wind a question of ruins
hypnagogic ally
distant & sufficient noise
a task & a work
thought representing nothing
movement of restlessly turning this way & that
ruined heart of junk all dead with words
what can i ask the wind
faint untroubled sky enough as coincidence
fortuitous presence that plays
nothing completely realized
devious sense ellipses
bends like rain
a cardboard light lay down in the street

distortion of craft
with a patient eye o
morse code come desire me
so that remembered stories
& the little
sweet virtue answer not
take from silence i donít know
words that said
could feel
distinctly different
science poetry & thought
long windy maze
my girlís pleasure
yellow rags where being is effaced

words a function of listening within silence
such quotidian confusion
familiar in the guise of the astonishing
& it holds me in
active voice borne on winds
call me crazy meaning Ďnoblesse obligeí
nameless little thing listen
something lights up a flash on a path of
an unforeseeable manner
arises a sudden clarity
a somethingness here & nothingness there of
an austere & simple account
apparently laughable inconsequential
neither one nor the other
until the end

o wind practical exponential say
there is nothing
i surrendered long ago
heterogeneity of phenomena at radical distance
scraps of typewritten
words & phrases
the street is not ostentatious
i write in the glow of
pages of a
world of possible
encased in
an endless murmur of memory & dream
a sound has my ears singing
perpetual alibi of an ambiguous existence
words listen inside
a single light bulb

count among the whispers
my neat little volume
describe through negation
here except silence
where made of what structure
discombobulated fabric
awake at dawnís sideshow
i hear a new starís register
equivocal dissimulation
hazard suspends nuance
not of my creation
barely encounter thought
incessantly reconstituting itself beyond
words on a secret blackboard
new means of communicating with unknown plurality
hot machines are broken
we left poetry behind
from lifetime to lifetime
less eloquent than
strange light given off by bottles

our graces who may call to mind when
it was magic that had the honor of my ruins
oh iíve tried everything
italics taking dictation
all nights are white
alone in the world
i may be a fool to use it but i
can produce
murmurs of distress a distant sound
on some radio station
the wind is saying
Ď tough charm of a sky without memory Ď

this dream of art nothing but loony fantasy
ask the rain
in many looks the false heartís history is writ
period of despair
misses the everyday
& i thought how
silence plays indestructible
otherness in your head
perpetual affirmation & dissidence
& they fled
reprobates caught in a process of ruin
inexhaustible murmur
flare riot true
collapse endlessly familiar
into all that understand nothing

a philosophy of ambiguity
come desire me night
in the glow of a single
sound invented by the imaginary
context rather than beloved sake
silly promises of beauty
eternally regenerative scenario
so serene at night
perhaps more gladly long beckon
perpetual alibi of an ambiguous existence
a bad prayer over loud
disinterested play of thought
but i remember diction order with
total blue sky overhead
which can adorn & bless with exceeding loveliness

free of the itinerary it calls forth
hermits continue to be messages
of which number
the discreet which heeds tumbling away
light of sunny rain
whispers hungrily
on roads of sand
suppose thatís true
as i lay asleep
back in town
a manic rattle through the streets
loosens a bandage in the wind
terrible & now you have heard
writing open to the unexpected

golly there goes my sanity
false dawn all dead with words
before the trip began
reluctant prediction for an invisible childhood
to walk in the
blue discombobulated
symmetrical through space
an anarchy of light & shadow
translation modifies everything to
the temperature of glass
potential is naturally neglected if not expedited by
works in progress
listen for bare ruined heart
heaven & earth in dark trousers

language remains unexplained because thereís nobody
striding fast with lightning
echoes surround points of difference
poetry & thought curse it not
desire cannot realize itself as desire
beautiful for being the more easily erased
balladís memory hoping to
come back around & eclipse their
flash like sphere less stars
space that is moving through
annulled irreciprocity

exponential not quite
incessant coming & going of words
there came a voice
search for immediate distraction from this maddening fever
magnificent humility
ghost from the future
harmonica hum
stops itself
a space of difference
junk at a celestial pace
chinese calligraphy on the side
waves blindly from the painting of the whole sky

—Mickey O'Connor

Posted by dwaber at 02:12 PM