July 02, 2007

The Fifth Day

I spent five days enraptured
An established poet
signing his book of poetry
had written Ďto Jacquie
fellow poet, with respect.Ē
I was lifted to a pleasant wonder
and showed it to all I met.
Enjoying, each time, the compliment.
Most said íthat was nice of himí
on the fifth day
Jenny with clear honest eyes
ĎWhy wouldnít he?í
Didnít she understand?
No she was moving me on
to acceptance,
to a higher wonder
I am a poet. (How hard to write).

—Jacquie Williams

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July 01, 2007


find a publisher for this Jeeves
while I find my muse
I lounge outdoors, cold drink in hand,
birds chatter, sun warms a breeze blows.
the bees drone serenades,
welcoming me to more muses
the poets gift of nature

in reality I am at my computer
hours spent searching.
searching for publishers
who may, but probably will not,
accept my poetry

my muse now is of later dates
when publishers know my name
and finding one is not the same
for Iím confident of my ability
and their need of my poetry.

—Jacquie Williams

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June 30, 2007

About Poetry

I just want to tell you about poetry
because I donít really know what it is
Mr Ramsbottom my teacher said it was
stuff that rhymed,
had verses
and it was neat and tidy
we used to learn
daffodils and
I must go down to the sea again
to the lonely sea and the sky
and that sort of thing
they donít write poetry like that any more

now they can stand up and say two words
and itís a poem
itís a real good poem
you have to know which 2 words to say though
and you have to say them right
so that people know itís a poem

any how
for something to do
Iíve written you a poem

Birds sing in sky
My brain flys by
wondering why
we live and die

that poem had 14 words

—Jacquie Williams

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