February 09, 2007

first adventures of col and sem

publication #21
first adventures of col and sem
by Dan Waber
total run: open

Lyric narrative punctuation poetry, what else can be said? Well, here's what others are saying:

<[brick]> it’s sort of a love story between the colon and the semicolon
<devin> ahh, those two have had a thing going for centuries
<[brick]> she’s totally hot in palatino linotype
<devin> oh i know

“i like the way this is simple but symbolically charged. romantic but
smart. concrete but abstract.”—Jim Andrews

“Brill!”—Mairéad Byrne

“Loved it. [...] so romantic!”—K.S. Ernst

“Love poems like no one has ever seen.”—Michael Harold

“...bits of punctuation set free to mean, to make, to be.”—Geof Huth

“o this is way beyond punctuation poetry.”—Karl Kempton

“It’s cheeky.”—Chris Mansell

“...a display of what can only be called heorically wordless subminimality
in the sense of utter alphabetical absence...”—Irving Weiss.

review by Geof Huth

review by Eileen Tabios

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