March 01, 2006


from German to English

'Die "Erlebnisse" diesess "Lebens"...'The connection between 'Leben' ('life') and 'Erlebnisse' ('Experiences') is lost in translation. An 'Erlebnis' is not just any 'experience' (Erafahrung'), but one which we feel deeply and 'live through'. We shall translate 'Erlebnis' and 'erleben' by 'Experience with a capital 'E', reserving 'experience' for 'Erfahrung' and 'erfahren'.

from the translator's notes to Being and Time, by Martin Heidegger
Translated by John Macquarrie and Edward Robinson
Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc 1962

Deborah Poe

Posted by dwaber at March 1, 2006 01:49 PM