February 22, 2006

accueil man (glyph)

from Micmaq to English


Reception man appears on earth to spread the word of the Book of

Its half real & half my poetic perambulations. I've been slowly
working on a futuristic micmaq epic & the glyph is part of the
sequence, one that fascinates me the most.

Micmaq is spelled about 6 or 7 different ways. Wikipedia has a gloss


The glyph is from the original Micmaq pictographic language (the
first indigenous writing system in north america). the glyph is part
of a series of glyphs discovered from the 1600s. The particular
glyph is usually translated as accueil man, I found it here:


The pictographic language was later converted to cold type in the
1800's by Christian Kalder & some italian typographers.

I translate this as reception man. The rest is artistic license.
The Book of Putrefaction, by the way, is a book which Lorca & Dali
started but they never finished & has since disappeared.

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