April 03, 2006


I came to think about the finnish word "talkoot". Finns, both finnish and swedish speaking, are having talkoot all the time, but in swedish we spell it "talko". Having talkoot or talko means getting together, voluntarily, to get some not-so-fun-but-needs-to-be-done-work done, either for one single occasion or on a regular basis, e.g. people in a village building a school, members of the snowmobile club breaking a new trail...or whatever...and of course eating and drinking, and scrubbing the dirt off in the sauna afterwards. I guess this kind of /communitas/ is as old as mankind but I really don't know what it is *called* in the rest of the world..?

happy talkoot!
Haje Holmström

Posted by dwaber at 11:29 PM