December 23, 2008

anne carson (reading and writing)

a couple weeks before that there was a visiting scholar who flew and quilted a wit so they published it

the seat next to me smelled hooverphonic, an agitation of breath and height

a getty special
a los angeles high-brow mountaintop
a maglev climbing language stumble, it grew bored
a staircase prophet
a liar is a liar in courtyards or governments or on the cross next to christ
call it a monotone reading of the lively
a man in a net trapped campaign

reproduction, refurbishing, rewritten, restored translation of a break-down when the housed cracked on another los angeles hilltop somewhere near northridge, but felt all the way in rome, florence, athens

edison invented the light bulb
how does that compare to the statue of david

when I was twenty-one I went to the hilltop with a girl I had a crush on and another I was sleeping with. some holes are natural and some are man-made. malibu is somewhere in between, 30,000 pages of short hand, facts no one will care about a week from now. the way light sneaks into subways and construction sites. doodles.

what we finish falls down the sides of things. cut.
apartment complexes
math graphs
a pair of red boxers with a blue waist band

can you confiscate the taste of a shape

the reader is bothered by the collaborator
she glances twice and unfortunately gives in

why do we listen to a reader. is it the brain as a building, the smell of sweat in auditorium rows or the taking apart of apollo to destroy the taste of the beer that you get at the corner store for twice the price.

in 11th grade mr. brown was my spanish teacher, but he was mostly good with stories. apollo then, as a word, taken apart, is as unstable as a brother, is forgotten as a white-washed relief, is a broken rope ladder, is bodies in trees, is street walker overlooked, is a piece of the lake floating out to sea, is the wedding day long gone, is one participant in the stack of pictures emptied into bags in the aisle. they are mine as much as they are hooverphonics.

mr. bubble.

—John Cleary

Posted by dwaber at December 23, 2008 02:08 PM