December 24, 2008

you tell me it would make a good story but itís just something Iíll always remember
still, I could reel you in if I wanted to
but first youíd have to concede italy
that god is in the t.v.
a taxman
god himself is a beautiful dead tuscany cemetery
a napoleanonic response
and nappy, he saw enemies everywhere he turned
yet he never saw the lazio fans in the stadio
never searched for a biglietto with a crazy taxi driver

or a word singing
not words, just one word in good voice

Iíve been hugged outside the gates of every future ruin amongst us
no, itís not love, but itís a bit of fun isnít it. a kiss on each cheek.

—John Cleary

Posted by dwaber at December 24, 2008 04:32 PM