August 15, 2007

fragments from:
"Ana Buigues' Selected Wrytings 2002-2005"
ISBN 978-82-92428-48-1
ISBN-10 82-92428-48-8
Net.books: stttet av Norsk Kulturrd - supported by Arts Council Norway

Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2005 18:16:03 -0000
Sender: "WRYTING-L : Writing and Theory across Disciplines"

From: Ana Buigues
Subject: working method

1.write it down it

Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2005 18:19:57 -0000
Sender: "WRYTING-L : Writing and Theory across Disciplines"

From: Ana Buigues
Subject: working method

1.inspiration sometimes comes when cleaning email that has been piling up in
my inbox for the last year

2.reading outdated emails, calls for papers that i missed, letters from nice
people that i couldn't even answer, kiss off letters i received in response
to some job applications, and drafts i started and never finished, makes
one realize that time flies.

3.this apparently mindless task becomes a triggering point for deep
reflection, and reconsideration of one's life and work.

—Ana Buigues

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August 14, 2007


Emotional Portraits After Gricault



_H _"________:_.A____r 3___________________________________________ROM::BJ.WDR__________%P___P_BTBody text_ ______________________________ ___p___@
_____________P_HAHeading A_ _______________________________ ___p___@




one person one chair - hemingway - high park - in a hurry: all or nothing. spadina subway. motorcycle.


jos n

El Caf Valencia - years later - recognition - silence - art nouveu winnery - lunch with mother - petit bourgeosie boulevard - . My senses. Your chipped tooth. Classless adolescence - soulful lust. the check please.


grandma rosario

_la olvidada -- __


Mme Dura.

_2435 Boulevard St. Laurent.

Montreal, Quebec. _Canada__


Jose Dura_

Calvo Sotelo, 9_

Pedreguer, Alicante_Espagne


___Nueva York, abril, 1936


__Querida Esposa:


_ _Endespues de llegar bien a Nueva York, salgo manana para Montreal.


__Tu esposo,






-----_feeding your ego with cat calls from construction workers with a university education.




_through your window

_la finca roja

_viennese architecture,

_this sky flirts with its enamel tiles roofs

_through your window

_the scooters roaring

_fata morgana

_through your window

_your life passes you by

_you leave no emotional space for envisioning a future

_[ ]

_he doesn't love you,_you don't love you,

_through your window,

_all that your brightness, wasted here,

_Fragments of Barthes - the rhetoric of your lover.

_Wittgenstein deceiving himself.





the trumpet player

_---_the great expectations. between my childhood and your adulthood - duendes y hadas, es tu- soy yo. and nothing else, and we are content. Having our eternal amorous episode without complicating our lives pointlessly discussing why it should be eternal, amorous, or an episode at great lenght._your energy and your calmness - our timing. Dickens and Proust.



_----_ mom has cleaned your closets and santiago your office files

_- the physicality of my tears clearing out your bathroom cabinet - razor blades that you don't need anymore

-          kissing your cheeks - jams.

-          your death - my catharsis.

-          las golondrinas de bcquer.

Datos Personales

En caso de accidente o emergencia: padezco arrtmia



_-------_calling card - wednesday at 9:00 - vancouver - marcha -timeless and cherrished friendship._

_sid meier creador de civilization 1,2,3



_-----------_fast, pheromones, strenght, culturally constructed, latin ballroom - performance - that Bathkin's mask: your shyness - aerobic bra- body awareness - can't concentrate on the dance steps - shake it - your monologues - sugar waxed underarm - sweating - 1234567, and 1, and 2 - that tush - - can't talk to you - sincopated - afrocuban -your hips - cardiosalsa - streetcar - St Clair West - butterflies -torrid - can't control it - your dark hair - my gypsy genes - funkyjazz - my dancesneakers - I blush and your voice trembles - Otra vez - I know I don't want anything -but still I play along convincing myself that I don't want to - your colombian accent. crossbodylead - pivot turn - footwork - and back to basics - and 1 and 2 - Performing at the Berlin tonight. Rabelais. You know I must change schools - Shes waiting for you, and you know I won't wait like her. Adios.



_---------_-unaware of one's desperation_-angry at you because you are not who I'd like you to be_-my immaturity - and yours.

All that we loved each other. And how unready to love ourselves.



-----_my bliss, caressing my soul with the soft feathers of the track of your thoughts that scour the clean meanders of your heart. Our epistles. My perfect beso. Guiding my hands through the doors I want to open. Stimulating my subconscious to cross those bridges, you seem to know I need to walk through. Jules Verne. Symbiosis. Beauty. Balance. Your patience your space.



dad and mom_box # 13

_.busto escayola

_.jarrita vidrio

_.hucha ciegos

_.dos copas


christoph - Hong-Kong-Switzerland._intoxications of all kinds have invaded our psychic space for love.

Eres indispensable. La soledad total eras t.




alma en pena







_------_indigestion - the toronto star. Strattford. Out in the game again.


el josep

_---------_frog - mi principito - my felt sleepers - your chidhood - bilingual - your intelligence - my decision - projection - all you teach me - all that i love you - innocence and energy - laissez faire - dolce vita - joy and life. Disco boy. Me, mom, and Morgenthaler.



_-----------_choices, decisions, escapades. Bittersweet love.



--------------_might I have your attention, please - the corpse in the funeral - the bride in the wedding - the child in the baptism -you can' t focus - hypocresy - having sex in the closet - comparing and validating - semiotics - nouveau intellectualoid - your Groucho Marx's marxism - too many apologies - justifications - avoiding joy - the bull fighter outfit hanging in your kitchen door picking up all the grease of your cooking - sticky emotions. ridi ridi pagliaccio. Toda tu inteligencia y energia aunque te estim ya no puedo ms.



—Ana Buigues

From The Psion Poems

Valncia, abril 2002


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