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9 by John M. Bennett

On more than one occasion I have summarized my impressions of the work of John M. Bennett with the single question:

What's not to love?

The more I see, hear,and feel of John's work the more faith I have in that question. And there is something profoundly appropriate about the fact that the most accurate statement I can formulate in response to his work is, in fact, a question.

I won't attempt to even touch upon all that he's done, that would be a monumentally ridiculous undertaking, particular within 1000 miles of anything called "minimalist". I will steer you to his website at and suggest that you buckle up and plan on losing several many hours of your life in a place where you are guaranteed not to come away feeling that they were wasted. You will either feel so liberated you become monstrously inspired, or, you'll smack yourself topside the head for about a month while screaming to yourself: "How does he do it, how does he do it???"--and then, finally, you'll end up monstrously inspired. Take a nibble on these 9 pieces, think of them as hors d'ouvres. Then, with your appetite properly whetted, head over to the buffet.

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