Hg - The Liquid, by Ward Tietz
(May 24, 2010)

Language is broken. Some schools of poetry sit on the floor and cry about it. Others look at the pieces and say, “What can we make out of this?”

Concrete poetry is a mapping of the myriad means by which a passenger on the information transmission train can climb out of their sleeper car and ride atop the speeding bullet, leap from car to car, and sometimes, just sometimes, leap to grab the low-hanging landing skid of the helicopter that has come to the rescue.

Color, emphasis, reorganization, incorporation of visual elements, typography, photography, all are pry bars to peel open the skin of canned communication. Peek inside, and see what Ward Tietz sees when he looks at, inside, around, and outside of language.

Hg - The Liquid, #6

Hg - The Liquid, #7

Hg - The Liquid, #8

Hg - The Liquid, #9

Hg - The Liquid, #10

Hg - The Liquid, #11

Ward Tietz has exhibited and performed in festivals, art centers and museums in the United Sates and Europe since the late 1980s, working in a variety of media including sculpture, sound, performance and works on paper. His most recent work includes Hg-The Liquid, which is forthcoming from 1913 Press, and a word sculpture installation called la chasse-cueillette (hunting and gathering) which is at the Villa Bernasconi Museum in Geneva, Switzerland.

Loops, by Stephen Nelson
(May 20, 2009)

I like loops. And I like series. So make a series of loops and there's a high probability I'm going to find something to like about it.

These 6 pieces by Stephen Nelson remind me of the mind of me and the way ideas emerge, submerge, merge, remerge and demerge. They also call to mind brain scans I've seen, and turbulence maps, too.

Of course, I can't say if this is how you see the I of your mind's eye, but I would remind you that humans should have a natural affinity for the torus, after all, the human body itself is one.

Please click each thumbnail to see versions large enough to savor.


Stephen Nelson was born in Motherwell, Scotland in 1970. He blogs visual, found and minimalist poetry at http://afterlights.blogspot.com. You can see some of his work at Otoliths(2009), Otoliths(2008), sketchbook 1, sketchbook 2, and listenlight. There's also a chapbook of his work available from afterlight press.