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When I started this site I was genuinely pleased when I started getting contacted by, and receiving submissions from, many of the artists I was already familiar with. That's a beautiful thing, and goes a long way towards affirming the validity of an undertaking. The work of Sharon Harris represents, for me, another beautiful thing. It's a whole new kind of pleasure when, in the course of doing some extended research (which is really the reason I started down this particular road, as a way to document and keep track of some specific areas of search and research), you're lucky enough to have lovely examples of the very thing you're researching brought to your door and slipped in over the transom.

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"Blues" is a Braille-inspired translation of bpNichol's poem of the same title and was published as part of the openpalmseries (5.10) by derek beaulieu's housepress (2002). "Blues" also appeared as a piece Brailled by the Canadian National Institute For The Blind.






"Love" was part of "Eye Scream III", Carlton Cinema, June 29 - July 10, 2005. It also appeared on advertisements for Scream Literary Festival events.



Blues + Amoire, Spirally Agitated



"Blues + Amoire, Spirally Agitated" is a translation of bpNichol's "Blues" + Darren Wershler-Henry's "Amo[i]re" and Steve Venright's Spiral Agitator. It was shown at "Eye Scream: A Night of Visual Poetry." The Virus Gallery and Objectorium (624 Richmond St. W., Toronto) July 13, 2003.



"Love" Breaking




lovel ovelo velov elove



A Braille cubus






A possible "detail" diagram of Braille.



Sharon Harris's photographs and poems have appeared in Word: Toronto's Literary Magazine, dANDelion, eye weekly, Jacket, Broken Pencil, Quill & Quire, hat, RAMPIKE, sudden magazine, and Queen Street Quarterly. Her recently finished first manuscript of poems, AVATAR, is approximately 40% concrete. Some of her poems will be included in Shift & Switch, an anthology of new Canadian poetry by The Mercury Press (Fall 2005). Her column, "fun w/ 'pataphysics", has appeared in Word for almost two years.

In addition to her poetry, she has been working on a cultural study about the words, "I love you" since 2002. Its online homes are and (a blog that features daily declarations of "I love you" from popular and not-so-popular culture).

Her online photo archive, poetography, contains three years of Toronto literary events. It can be found in the poetry section at iloveyougalleries.