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The work of Márton Koppány is slipppery, in many senses of the word. Maybe most senses. Possibly all senses. Potentially all possible senses. I've already slipped and I'm only thirty words into it. That's what I mean.

Have you ever balanced an egg on its end at the equinox? That's how I picture the way Márton makes poems. If you've never done that, you may imagine you still understand my reference, but I assure you, you do not. It's in the fingertips.

I would not say "simple", I would say "elegant".

I've been puzzling over this for the better part of a week now, and I think the most accurate way I can explain to you how I read these poems is to say that when I read them I become aware that this is how I see the world.

The images below are thumbnails that have been greatly reduced. Please click on each, in turn, to enjoy them in their full and fully intended scale.

Some of these works were previously published by Runaway Spoon Press, Kalligram, and Ahadada Books, LVNG, Generator, The Third Page and Bentspoon.



I'll regret it


To Be Or To Be


The Other Side




The Knob's Turning

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The Principle of Gradience

Where Is The End?

The Middle Path



Márton Koppány's first black and white poems were conceived almost 30 years ago, they were originally in Hungarian, then rendered in French, then in English - but for a while now, English has been their original language.

For more work by Márton Koppány, please visit his imaginary organization, The Institute of Broken and Reduced Languages, the web-version of which would not have come into being without the help, encouragement, and co-editing of Karl Young.

You will also find more work by Márton Koppány at Eratio, and at Jacket Magazine, and Scorecard.

In addition, Geof Huth has a fine essay on Márton's work which includes three of Márton's newest pieces (a corrected version of one of those pieces can also be found in another fine stretch of writing over at Bob Grumman's Comprepoetica).

Márton Koppány is always happy to hear good news from good people and may be contacted at kopp1any at yahoo dot com.